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With expertise and industry knowledge, Coastwide Disability Care collaborates with NDIS participants one-to-one, ensuring tailored services aligned with their NDIS plans.
As trusted home care providers, we serve the Central Coast, Lake Macquarie, Gosford, Woy Woy, Erina, The Entrance, Bateau Bay, Berkeley Vale, Lisarow, Ourimbah, Wyong, Toukley, Lake Haven, Wyee, Morisset, Rathmines, Toronto, Cooranbong, Lake Munmorah, Budgewoi, Swansea and Lower Hunter Region.

Coastwide Disability Care

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“There is no greater disability in society than the inability to see a person as more.”

Neither giving nor receiving care is easy. Coastwide Disability Care puts relationships first to support those giving care, to protect the dignity of those receiving it, and to enhance the quality of life for both clients and their families.

Coastwide Disability Care offers affordable in-home care services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for those who need it. All you have to do is to work with a care coordinator at our local office to set a care schedule.

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

Everything we do is driven by our universal mission: to enhance the lives of people with disability and their families. The solution for families that need an extra level of care, we excell it. The place we call home is the place that feels most comfortable and secure.

A sense of home can become especially important when mobiliy is at stake. Our in-home disability care services help ease the challenges of disabilities while encouraging clients to enjoy the comforts of home.

“Love, Care and Compassion is the key to change the ability of a special person.”

Through many years of providing innovative solutions that improve health and quality of life for those in need of in-home health services, Coastwide community care has established itself as one of the most experienced disability care service in the industry.

Our approach to quality care focuses on a commitment to providing a level of expertise, training, patient service, and monitoring that is difficult to match in our industry.

“Everyday support with daily activities and companionship makes the difference.”

Disability care, or simply NDIS, is the fulfillment of the special needs and requirements that are unique to people those need support. This broad term encompasses such services as assisted living, adult day care, long-term care, nursing homes, hospice care, and home care where we provide help with shopping, help with daily routine and household tasks, community participation, support coordination as well as help with travel/transport.


ndis FAQs

What is the NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a new way of providing disability support and care and is delivered by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). The scheme is available to Australians with disability, their families and carers.

The NDIS provides those under 65 years old who have a permanent and significant disability with the reasonable and necessary supports they need to enjoy an ordinary life.  The NDIS recognises that everyone is different and works to provide people with disability more choice and flexibility in the way support services are provided to them.  The NDIS will help people with disability achieve their goals, including independence, community involvement, education, employment and health and well-being. The NDIS also provides people with disability, their families and carers with information and referrals to existing support services in the community.

The NDIS aims to help people with disability to:

  • Access mainstream services and supports
    Services from people like doctors or teachers through the health and education system.
  • Access community services and supports
    Activities and services available to everyone in a community, such as sports clubs, community groups, libraries or charities.
  • Maintain informal support arrangements 
    Help people get from their family and friends.
  • Receive reasonable and necessary funded supports
    Supports that are related to a person’s disability and are required for them to live an ordinary life and achieve their goals.

Why do we need the NDIS?

People with disability have the same right as other Australians to decide their best interests and to have choice and control over their lives.

The NDIS recognises that everyone’s needs and goals are different.

The NDIS provides people with individualised support and the flexibility to manage their supports to help them achieve their goals and enjoy an ordinary life.

The NDIS replaces a disability system that was unfair and inefficient with a new, national system that is world-leading, equitable and sustainable.

This provides certainty and consistency for people with disability, their families and carers.

Australians will now have peace of mind that if their child or loved one is born with, or acquires a significant disability that is likely to be with them for life, they will get the support they need, when they need it.

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Your First Plan

Your NDIS First Plan is the start of a lifelong relationship with the NDIA. Your NDIS Plan was initially focused on continuity of your existing support when transitioning to the scheme. The implementation of the First Plan, allows clients adequate time to assess their needs, develop goals and explore the available options for their next plan.

Your plan may include additional supports that provide you the opportunity to explore options to get involved in your local community such as sports clubs and community groups. Your first plan was designed to be reviewed after 12 months.

Depending on your situation there are a range of people who can help you implement your plan and support you to start receiving supports. You can start your plan on your own if you are self-managed or with the support of a Local Area Coordinator, Support Coordinator or Nominee.

The NDIA provides a Getting Started Checklist to help you start accessing your community, mainstream and funded supports and get the most out of your NDIS plan.

For Participants who receive help from a Support Coordinator to implement their plan: Your plan will include funding for a Support Coordinator to help you implement your plan. Once your plan is approved, this person will contact you to discuss your plan, help you access supports and discuss your longer-term goals under the NDIS.

For Participants who are Self-Managing: You will be contacted by the NDIA once your plan is approved and they will talk to you or your Nominee about the opportunities and responsibilities of self-managing your plan.

It is important to think about how your First Plan is working for you – what is good and what is not. This will help you prepare for your Plan Review at the end of 12 month

Planning for NDIS

Getting ready for your NDIS planning conversation

To help you get ready for your first NDIS planning conversation there are a number of things that you can consider and write down to help you get ready. By taking the time to answer some simple questions you can be better prepared for the questions that you will be asked during your meeting. Your pre-planning questions can be done by yourself or with a family member, carer or someone from Coastwide Disability Care can be available to assist when requested.

A list of questions or requirements that you may want to think about or have prepared for your planning meeting.

Your personal details – You will be asked your name, age and address.

Your primary disability – You will be asked to provide details about your primary disability. It is recommended that you have copies of any reports or assessments you might have.

Your current support – You will be asked about the current supports you are receiving from family, friends, carers, your local community and service providers.

Daily activities –the NDIS will ask you some questions about your daily activities and needs. It is recommended that you consider your abilities and what equipment, accommodation or assistance you might need to look after yourself and your place of residence.

Safety and security – You will be asked if there are any areas of your life where you need additional support or don’t feel safe and secure.

Goals and aspirations – It is great to think about your goals and aspirations for the next year and beyond. Are there any specific goals that you would like to achieve? Goals can include giving you greater access to choice, education, better accommodation, health and community activities.

Managing your plan – Once you plan has been formalised you will need to consider how you want to manage your plan long term. Will you be managing your plan yourself, through a nominee (such as a family member), through a registered provider or via the NDIA support services? If you are unsure about your options, one of our friendly team members are available to assist.

Starting your plan – At the end of your planning conversation you will be asked to discuss your next steps, including your plan approval and fund access

Plan Review

Before you start your Plan Review, it can be helpful for you to explore options to get involved in your local community through activities such as sporting clubs, local theatres, special interest groups and community gardening.  The below steps should be considered when reviewing your NDIS plan:

  • Think about your life now. What supports are currently helping you and which ones are not.
  • Identify your strengths, interests, opportunities and challenges.
  • Consider your current informal, community and main stream supports.
  • Think about your future goals. What do you want to achieve?

Write the above points down in anticipation of your review as this may help with your preparation.

As a Participant of the NDIS you have the option to have a support during your Plan Review.  Support may be a friend, family member or carer.  If you don’t have anyone to support you during your review you can seek the assistance of a Local Area Coordinator (LAC) or a Support Coordinator from a registered partner.  Coastwide Disability Care have Support Coordinators and are happy to help, call us on  02 4353 1700 as soon as you have your meeting date and this will provide us enough time to make a Support Coordinator available to you.

Coastwide Disability Care The Right Choice

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Get Back to Your Life

Our in-house trained carers use the latest advances in technology to ensure our clients receive the highest level of service quality available.


24/7 Availability

Whether it be about therapy options, nursing solutions, the admissions process, or insurance questions, we are available to answer any questions you may have regarding NDIS.


Excellent Quality of Life

We have an array of social, recreational and religious activities within our bright and cheery surroundings that allow clients to enjoy their care with us.

Looking For Care?

We’re here to help
  1. Discover What Care You May Need

    We’ll match you with a dedicated NDIS support coordinator and arrange a meeting in person. We’ll talk about your NDIS goals, go over the funded support categories available to you, talk with your family and friends in your support network to compile a comprehensive picture of your life, and answer any and all your unanswered questions. From there, we can create a program that reflects your NDIS needs, goals and aspirations.

  2. Determine You Get unmatched Support & Care

    Your support coordinator will meet with you regularly to determine how well your needs and goals are being achieved. We can help you navigate through the NDIS by coordinating and connecting you to funded support in our delivery service environment, walking alongside you every step of the way.

  3. Further Research & keep you on track

    We’ve established your services and supports. Now it’s time to keep you on track. We’ll keep regularly updated records of your progress so you can have something to bring for your next review plan with the NDIS. At Coastwide Disability Care, our NDIS support coordinators will strengthen your skills and capacity so that you are fully comfortable with managing your own plan yourself.