Respite/Short Term Accommodation

Under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), what was known as respite is now called short-term accommodation.

Respite offers short-term breaks for families or carers of children and adults with a disability to help support and maintain their caregiving relationships.

It provides a positive experience including the opportunity to mix with other people giving the regular carer a break.

Families have the constant responsibility of providing care to their family members with a disability. Parents and carers often have little time for themselves to maintain their own interests, health, and relationships. Planned respite gives families that all-important break.

Respite is available to anyone with physical, intellectual, or multiple disabilities with the minimum age of eight years

How we help

.Our staff are highly experienced and trained to provide support to people with a wide range of disabilities and health needs. Kids and teenagers receive the support they need. They will feel included and comfortable spending time with new friends and participating in fun activities.

More than just a break from the everyday, we work with you to practice day-to-day skills to grow your independence.


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